Vision and Prospectives

Wonkaksa New Temple Project in 3D Aerial View


Ven. Beop An passed away in 2007 yet his vision is still alive. We embrace his dream. We are working hard to realize a Buddhist paradise here in America. Our efforts will reach beyond the Korean Buddhist community. We have launched this development project to benefit everyone.

In July 2010, Wonkaksa brought a 20 foot-tall bronze Buddha statue from Korea. We also installed a sacred stupa ensconcing genuine relics of the Buddha. These events are special for this country, and they were made possible thanks to the great devotion and support of our faithful members. Now we are accelerating our efforts to fulfill Ven. Beop An’s vision. We need to erect a Great Buddha Hall, a Meditation Hall, and other buildings. These will function as places for our spiritual training and communal life, and benefit innumerable beings.

Your participation matters greatly. We invite you to join us and give as much as you can.

According to Buddhist teachings, generosity is one of the noblest virtues we can practice. It helps to overcome karmic obstacles and can bring you good fortune. The perfection of generosity is no less than the perfection of compassion and wisdom.

Statement for Wonkaksa Development Campaign

“We prostrate before the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha and pray that the entire universe be radiant with the peaceful light of Buddha’s wisdom.

Korean Buddhist Wonkaksa is the first Korean Buddhist temple on the east coast of the United States. It was founded by Zen Master Seung Sahn in 1974 and has played a critical role in propagating Buddha’s teachings in America. Our temple opened with very few members and no place of its own. Nevertheless it grew steadily, step by step, moving first to Jackson Heights, Queens and then 17th Street in Manhattan. Thanks to the devotion and passion of our secondabbot, Ven. Beop An, we finally acquired 228 acres of beautiful country side with its own lake and mountain in Salisbury Mills, Orange County, New York in 1986.

Ven. Beop An had a great vision when he chose to relocate the temple to the mountains. He wanted to build a Buddhist school and traditional Korean temple complex. He saw Wonkaksa becoming a center of Buddhist culture to benefit all people on their way to Enlightenment.




Timeline of the New Temple Development Project

  • 1986 Relocated Korean Buddhist Wonkaksa to the present location in Salisbury Mills, NY

  • 2010 Installed monumental bronze Buddha and Reliquary Stupa brought from South Korea

  • 2011 Officially started the Korean Buddhist Wonkaksa Development Project

  • 2012 Gained approval of site plan permit

  • 2013 Submitted building permit

  • 2014 Selected wood for the Main Dharma Hall Building

  • 2015 Stared building the frames of the Main Dharma Hall

  • 2016 Held Rigebeam Raising Ceremony for the Main Dharma Hall and completed laying the roof tiles.

  • 2017 Held Rigebeam Raising Ceremony for Amita Buddha Hall (Columbarium) and completed laying the roof tiles.

  • 2018 Held Rigebeam Raising Ceremony for two Meditation Halls, Borimwon and Sulsandang, and completed laying the roof tiles.


Support & Donation

There are many ways to be a part of this project.
1. Sign up for a roof tile donation
2. Register for a Pledge of Donation

Please contact the main office for more information.
☎︎ Phone: (845) 497-2229
✉︎ Email:

You can send the forms back to us by email or mail it to Wonkaksa's address.
대작불사 약정서와 기와불사 신청서는 이메일이나 원각사 주소로 보내주시면 됩니다.

Address: Korean Buddhist Wonkaksa
260 Clove Rd
Salisbury Mills, NY 12577


How are the roof tiles made &
where do they come from?

한국의 노당기와에서 미국 뉴욕 원각사로 기와가 옮겨지는 과정입니다.

"Nodang Roof Tile" from South Korea bakes the Korean traditional roof tiles to be used in the New Temple Development Project. Once they are made, they are transported through trucks to the Busan dock, where they are transferred into a cargo to the United States. The trucks from New York receives the roof tiles and transport them to Korean Buddhist Wonkaksa in Salisbury Mills. Then the Korean traditional roof tile experts fly from Korea to align and the tiles, one by one. All these are done through the generous donation of all laypeople of the temple and many others.


Please help our community with your generosity. Help us create a beautiful Buddhist center and spiritual shelter.

Your benevolence will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Ven. Jungwoo President, Wonkaksa & Abbot, Tongdosa Monastery

Ven. Gikwang Abbot, Wonkaksa

Whasup Chung Chair, Temple Development Committee

Daewonhae Chung President, Lay Members Association

Bupsunghwa Lee Vice president, Lay Members Association