Daily Prayer:
5:00AM - during summer
6:00AM - during winter
(Please check the calendar under Events)

Weekly Sunday Service:
11:30AM - chanting, the abbot's sermon, and afternoon activities (listed below) 
*The entire service is in Korean but if anyone is interested, they are welcome to join!



  • New Year Ceremony
  • Lunar New Year Prayer
  • Vesak Day (Buddha's Birthday) Ceremony
  • Beak Joong: Commemorative Ceremony for the Ancestors and the decease
  • Chu Seok: Korean Thanksgiving Day Prayer (Lunar Calendar)
  • Winter Solstice Music Concert


Afternoon Activities

Nae Woolrim

Korean Traditional Percussion Class

Sundays from 2pm to 3pm

Established by the president of Korean Performing Arts Center(KPAC), Soo Yeon Park and taught by her disciples Hyuna Lee and Annaleigh Potterson, Nae Woolrim is Wonkaksa's Korean Traditional Percussion group.  
Currently recruiting new members!


Wonkaksa Choir

Sundays from 2pm to 4pm

Led by a conductor/Soprano Sorim Park, the choir, "Gamroyeon", has been actively participating in numerous Buddhist events and ceremonies, including the Lotus Lantern Parade in Union Square for the annual Vesak day.
Currently recruiting new members!